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Sakka Yarouze!!
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Magic as a whole brought a great divide in the Jahkl citadel. Vihka are direct descendant of those Jahkl who fought for the use of magic, and were either exiled or sought to create their own community.
As Jahkl were warped by the magic of the Sun deity they worshiped, Vihka took a great liking to the moon. Thus, the deity Koki took a great liking to the Vihka, and unknowingly bestowed upon them the use of his astral magic. 
Vihka value learning, magical talent and their own rather private communities above all else. 
Vihka are small fox-like beings with large, fennec ears. Their height ranges typicallyfrom 3'5 to 5'5, with most standing in the 4' range. Their long eyelashes and large ears help in the Kel Del sandstorms. There is very little to no sexual dimorphism, with females developing small breasts only to feed young. 
[common Vihka coats and colours]
:iconkel-del:Kel-Del 70 6
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Nishishima Shuuji
Whether he was cursed with the power or chose it on his own...this unlikely ability grants Shuuji with the strengths of an Ibex; high sense for smell, enhanced speed and jumping power as well as powerful horns and hooves.
Shuuji And Pipefox
bought a pipefox adopt from :iconkel-del: Thank you for making such an adorable creature www
Makes a good combo with my lc Shuuji www Still haven't been able to name the fox...but knowing my character, it'll probably be something uninspired www
The keyboards are heavy to play...
My very first illustration of Akamatsu Kaede! Lots of things happen in DRV3...not a good thing for the protagonist.
Hey all, this closed species I have been watching is gonna have a raffle coming up on the link below…

They're adorable bird-people and I reccomemd you check it out for a chance to win a free custom birb!!


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Artist | Student | Varied
If you see AlsiusHaku, it's most likely me. I love watching, reading, drawing and writing manga and anime. Playing video games (especially 3ds) is also something I love. Most drawings will be of my OC or DRV3 (there may be spoilers) Im in love with OumaSai/SaiOuma.

I'm quite active on my tumblr and twitter atm. (all as AlsiusHaku)
My 3DS friendcode is 0834-1168-3308


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FourthFour Featured By Owner Edited Feb 10, 2017
Hey, it's been a while. You haven't write anything in a while.
AlsiusHaku Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017  Student General Artist
No...most of my freetime has been used playing games or drawing lol
FourthFour Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017
Welp, that explains everything.
AlsiusHaku Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017  Student General Artist
>~< sorry
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Aro-around Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i have an urge to watch someone that love osomatsu omg
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Haha XXD its a lovely show. I find it sad that many artists decide to draw kinky porn about it though
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I did see some omg 

probs cuz osomatsu hint is so stronk amg
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I feel every fandom on the internet has their share of it TTT
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Totty: Jyushimatsu-niisan can I have 5 dollars? (BTW luv your art)
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